Are Elephants Trampling Your Business?

New Book Reveals: The 5 Reasons You Must Find the Human Roadblocks in Your Team, Your Business, Your Life!

Discover the Hidden Elephants that are Lurking in Your Organization or Work Team... Then Vanquish Them!

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In this Book You Will Discover...


    Successfully move your Group, Team, Organization or Business forward by becoming hugely effective as a Leader! You don’t think you have any hidden elephants that are holding you back?
    Better look again! You can make HUGE PROGRESS with your elephant herd!


    …of not getting things done, of spinning your wheels and of hitting those walls that hold you back. Un-block what is keeping you from success! Learn how to easily name and address your internal people-related and non-people related issues and conflicts…(Your Organizational Elephants!)


    Get clarity and coherence and congruence—all at the same time—so that all can see what is necessary—then move forward together—achieving your goals with gusto!  Even if there is a whole herd of elephants in your organization, you can remove them…they don’t have to stay in residence in the back-room, the board room, or the factory floor!.

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"This book is a must-read for all who are willing to take a hard, honest look at themselves and their organizations, and who are determined to lead, change and grow.”
Patricia Brown
Patricia Brown Integrated Business Ventures, Inc. -
"I've made this book required reading in our company. Too much time is spent and production lost in dancing around issues that need to be acknowledged and resolved. Claire Knowles' approach makes the subject easy to acknowledge, attack, and resolve. Her program to take charge and inspire is "right on target."
Dale Weidemiller
Dale Weidemiller Neal Communities Land Development
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